Justin is always available to listen community concerns, lend advice and get involved with all local issues. I appreciate these traits, and his open minded leadership is exactly what Hermosa Beach needs.

Jani Lange

Always incredibly informed about city issues / Really cares about Hermosa’s future / Always takes time to meet with residents regarding their concerns and keeps an open mind/

Ira Ellman

After standing up to keep oil wells out of Hermosa, Justin’s remained ever accessible, unflappable and laser focused on maintaining and growing the healthy lifestyles and economy of our beloved beach town.

Wayne Mogilefsky

I have been more than impressed with Justins leadership as a City Council member and as Mayor of Hermosa Beach. I will Be voting for Justin in November. Thank you Justin for your service. JW.

John Wayne Miller

I am voting for Justin Massey because he is committed to serving our Hermosa Beach community. Justin does his homework as he evaluates issues pending before the City Council, listens to input from all stakeholders, and makes the decisions that serve our community long term, and protect our environment.

Hany Fangary

I first met Justin during our fight against Oil in Hermosa, and he has worked hard for us ever since. Reelect Justin!

Allan Mason

Justin has done a great job in representing the needs of our community during his tenure as a council member. He stands up for the environment and is always there to discuss any issues important to us. We need council members to listen to the people and help us make Hermosa the best little beach city. Justin is the right guy for the job!

Michael Binder

I am voting for Justin Massey. In getting to know Justin over the past several years, I have found him to be dedicated to both his family and to the well being of Hermosa Beach. He is always there to listen to me and to factor in my point of view, even when we occasionally disagree on an issue. A vote for Justin will ensure a council person who will continue to fight for our environmental and fiscal health here in Hermosa. But more importantly, he will listen to his constituents. Vote for Justin!

Simone Binder

I fully support Justin for City Council. He is a proven leader in our community. He cares deeply about keeping Hermosa hermosa, supporting our schools and tackling the big issues.
— Stephen McCall, School Board – Hermosa Beach

Stephen McCall

The daunting job of council member in Hermosa Beach is uphill all the way. Justin tackles each difficult decision with integrity, industry, and intelligence. He has my sincere endorsement.

Moira Nelson

I’m voting for Justin because I trust him. He listens to all sides of an issue and then rolls up his sleeves does the heavy lifting. From oil, through Measure S and with an eye toward the future, Justin is clearly working for what’s best for Hermosa Beach.

Mike Collins

Justin’s intelligence, commitment and skills as a Councilmember are self evident. But I can tell you as a colleague that you are seeing only the half of it. His mastery of situation analysis and negotiation are unparalleled and have proven invaluable to our city. Hermosa will be very fortunate to have him continue on City Council.

Jeff Duclos

He has demonstrated the leadership that I hoped for and expected from him when I voted for him the first time four years ago. More than ready to do it again and to keep him working for us for a great Hermosa for another five years!

Dency Nelson

Justin’s proven leadership and consensus building skills have had a positive impact on Hermosa Beach. I would love to see that continue.

Claudia Berman

Justin has always found the time to meet with residents no matter what the issue. He is opened minded and knowledgeable.

Barbara Ellman

Justin has been a terrific partner with the school district through the entire Measure S process. Starting with his support in the 2016 election campaign through the MOU development and now driving the execution of the work called for in the MOU. I am looking forward to continuing this very positive and productive partnership with Justin in the years ahead!

Douglas Gardner

Justin’s proven leadership on Hermosa Beach’s City Council is fueled by genuine kindness, compassion, intelligence and grit, and during his time in office has yielded myriad positive tangible results both in the immediate term and for the future prospects of our amazing beach town. He is accessible, unfailingly rational, and the kind of representative we should be so lucky to have guiding our collective interests as a community. Where other candidates past and present portend division and short-sighted policymaking, Justin is a unifier and legal scholar whose expertise is unparalleled.

Jonathon Stewart

I’m endorsing Justin because he is an exemplary public servant who is truly committed to make his decisions in the best interests of the residents of Hermosa Beach.

Mark Burton, Mayor for the City of Manhattan Beach (Ret.)

Mark Burton

Justin is clear-headed, thoughtful and considers others’ viewpoints. He truly cares about Hermosa Beach and is more concerned with moving our community in a good direction than “being right”.

Robert Rosenfeld

I appreciate that always Justin takes the time to get to the root cause of an issue, and values collaboration, communication and partnership resolve challenges.

Maggie Bove-LaMonica

I’m voting for Justin because he is dedicated to maintaining the Hermosa we love while taking steps to improve schools and infrastructure in ways that will help keep this city beautiful and viable for our children and future generations.

Lindsay Steiman

I trust Justin to continue to work hard in keeping our community safe, vibrant, green and most important, the best little beach town around. I’m voting for integrity and vision. Round 2 for Justin!

John Schattinger

I trust Justin to continue to work hard in keeping our community safe, vibrant, green and most important, the best little beach town around. I’m voting for integrity and vision. Round 2 for Justin!

John Schattinger

Ok, so I’m not voting for Justin. Not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t–I live in Manhattan Beach. But if I lived in Hermosa Beach, he’d have my vote hands down and twice on Sunday. I can say that because I’ve worked with Justin, as Senior Deputy to Supervisor Don Knabe, and as the Mayor/Councilmember for the City of Manhattan Beach. Justin puts the residents of Hermosa Beach first, but also works regionally to do what’s best for his city and the whole South Bay and beyond. He’s been a great leader for Hermosa, someone who gets things done and is willing to shake things up when need be, but also keep the soul of Hermosa close at heart with every decision he makes. I proudly and strongly endorse Justin for the Hermosa Beach City Council.

Steve Napolitano

I will proudly vote for Justin! I believe he serves our City with integrity and treats our residents with respect. Thank you for your service!

Patti Sousa

Justin cares about our community’s health and the quality of life of all residents. He has a been a courageous leader and I appreciate his service to our community.

Jose Bacallao

I am voting for Justin because of his ability to listen. When he interacts with his constituents, he actually listens to their positions on topics. He will debate you and give you reasons why he takes the positions he does, but is willing to be swayed by a better argument.

Also, he promised me that if I voted for him, I could have any wave I wanted at Complex’s, even though I already take all of his waves. Now I won’t feel bad about it. Just kidding, I don’t feel bad about it.

Hans Geiger