Eliminated E&B’s Oil Drilling Rights

After Hermosa voters rejected Measure O, E&B threatened to sue the City for millions beyond the $17.5 million the City paid E&B under its settlement agreement. In 2017, Justin helped force E&B to relinquish its lease on the City Yard, mineral rights, State Lands Commission permit, and all other drilling rights in exchange for the City settling E&B’s claims for $1.5 million.

Made Hermosa Safer by Hiring LA County Fire

Justin helped shorten response times, close coverage gaps, and improve the City’s disaster preparedness by hiring LA County Fire to replace the City’s short-staffed and under-equipped Fire Department.

Made Hermosa Safer by Improving HbPD’s Capabilities

Justin helped HbPD fully staff its patrols (allowing HbPD to create a downtown unit), reopen its downtown substation, replace front-line patrol cars, get body-warn cameras, and add office staff to enable officers to effectively focus on stopping and solving crimes. These and other improvements made Hermosa safer: “[I]t’s a completely different atmosphere in our downtown Pier Plaza than it was five to 10 years ago[.]” — Acting Police Chief Milt McKinnon


Proactively Addressed Homelessness

Justin helped the City adopt a comprehensive plan to prevent and combat homelessness. The plan leverages City resources and South Bay and regional partnerships to ensure the safety of our community and the homeless.

Obtained Grant to Improve Safety on Prospect Avenue

Justin helped obtain grant funding to study transportation and safety on Prospect Avenue, an important corridor for commuters, kids, and other members of the community. The study is expected to start in 2020.