Balanced the Budget

Justin helped balance the budget every year on City Council. He did so while helping increase Fire and Police funding (that represents 60% of  General Fund expenditures) and funding over $25 million in capital improvements like South Park, 8th Street, and the Community Center.


Filled the Rainy Day Fund

Justin helped fill the rainy day fund to 16% (over $6 million) of the General Fund, the level recommended by the Government Finance Officers Association.

Reduced Pension and Health Care Costs


Justin helped reduce the City’s pension and health care costs by putting money in an interesting-bearing trust fund for future pension obligations and capping the City’s contribution to employee health care.

Added Passive Revenue

Justin helped bring undersea cables to Hermosa at market-leading rates. Justin also supported Measure H in 2015, which raised Hermosa’s hotel bed tax (a/k/a Transient Occupancy Tax, or TOT) from 10% to 12% and voted to put Measure HH on the ballot in 2019, which would raise the TOT to 14%. These efforts have added over $1 million per year in passive revenue to the City budget.

Improved Productivity by Digitizing Records

Justin improved the productivity of City staff by helping digitize the City’s records. Doing so also improved public access to City files, which built upon Justin’s successful effort to provide all City commissioners with City email addresses.

Improved Public Works Productivity

Justin helped improve Public Works productivity by installing a clean natural gas (CNG) fueling station at the City Yard, which kept Public Works staff in Hermosa by eliminating the need to refuel in Torrance.